Terms & Conditions

For farms which registered prior to 31st October 2020:

Payment Flow and Delivery Policy – prior to 31st October 2020

Once your payment had been received in full, or a voucher code had been applied, we processed your order for either MilkSure or MilkSure Top Up. We only processed orders for MilkSure Top Up for farms which were eligible (i.e. renewing their accreditation).

We processed orders received every working day (weekdays excluding Bank Holidays in England). We posted the training materials or Top Up packs to your nominated vet at their place of work. These were posted First Class, so you could normally have expected your vet to receive the packs within one to three working days of you placing your order and payment. We also emailed you and the vet using the email addresses you provided us, and this was done on the same day that we posted the packs and created your MilkSure user account (the registration date).

You had three months from this date to complete the MilkSure programme or MilkSure Top Up. This included passing any online test required, completing all training required, the medicines review, risk assessment and management plan with your vet.

What your MilkSure or Top Up registration fee did and did not include

The registration fee covered:

  1. The cost of administering the MilkSure and Top Up programmes and for keeping the materials up to date, until November 2020.
  2. The training materials provided, postage and package. The printed pack consisted of an A4 MilkSure Workbook/ Manual and an A5 Vet’s Guide (one of each per farm). For Top Up, the pack consisted of an A4 Top Up booklet and an A5 Vets’ Guide.
  3. The licensing fees paid on your behalf for taking the online tests; there is no limit to the number of personnel from each farm who can take the tests, nor the number of times the test can be taken over a three month period. Persons who pass the initial MilkSure test are eligible for 7 DairyPro points (if registered for Dairy Pro) and may download an individual Certificate of Achievement. Persons who pass the Top Up medicines competency evaluation can download an individual Medicine Competency Certificate. Each certificate type is valid for 12 months from the test date.
  4. Free access to the MilkSure dashboard and resources/ materials on there which can be downloaded for your own use (but not for wider circulation). The access was via your user account, which was created for you. This was also shared with your nominated vet. The account remained active for 3 months from your registration date. There is no limit to the number of times you may access the dashboard and the resources whilst your account remains active.
  5. Administration costs included keeping an up-to-date database of registered and accredited farms until 30th October 2020 and updating the milk processors with their own supplying farms’ MilkSure status, as well as support for the programme and for vets delivering the training until 31st January 2021.

Your registration fee does NOT include:

  1. Fees your vet will usually charge for delivering the training and completing the programme for your farm (i.e. medicines review, risk assessment, management plan and certification).
  2. Costs of additional Workbooks or Top Up booklets.

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

We refunded your payment in full if it was cancelled before the registration had been completed. If the order has been fulfilled, (i.e. we have completed your registration and the pack has been posted to your vet), we will not normally give a refund beyond this period.

Following registration, it is your responsibility to complete the programme, in conjunction with your vet. You have three months to do so. There are no refunds for farms which are registered but fail to complete the programme.

From 1st November 2020

From the end of October 2020, it is no longer necessary for farms to individually register for MilkSure or Top Up. Farms registering before 31st October 2020 will be able to complete the Programme with their nominated vet, and this must be completed by 31st January 2021.

There will be a one month transition period during November 2020 during which MilkSure or Top Up will not be available to farms which have not already registered.

From 1st December 2020, MilkSure and MilkSure Top Up will be available only through MilkSure Registered vets, a list of whom is maintained by BCVA. MilkSure Registered vets will be required to pay an annual registration fee to BCVA, and this will allow them to deliver the programme for their clients.

Complaints, feedback and comments

MilkSure is an initiative for the UK dairy industry. The MilkSure office works hard on behalf of Dairy UK to satisfy the needs of the various stakeholders, whether that be farmers registering for the programme, vets delivering it, or processors. If you have any reason for complaint or concern, please contact the BCVA MilkSure team by emailing office@cattlevet.co.uk. Your enquiry will usually be dealt with within one working day. Of course good feedback is welcome too!