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MilkSure is important to promote the image of dairy farming and to protect consumers’ confidence in dairy products.

MilkSure is overseen by Dairy UK. It is supported and, since November 2020, administered by the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA). It was initiated in 2017 and has been taken up by the major milk buyers, with over 2500 farms already on the programme.

Some processors have their entire supply pool MilkSure accredited, and see this as a way to reduce fail rates as well as good governance. Alternatively, processors are rolling MilkSure out initially to certain groups of farmers, such as those belonging to dedicated retailer schemes.

The following dairy companies have milk supply pools which are fully MilkSure accredited:

Other processors use the programme primarily for farms which have had a bulk tank failure – somewhat similar to a speed awareness course.

As the reputation of MilkSure for delivering results is becoming ever stronger, a growing number of companies are getting on board.

MilkSure and annual MilkSure Top Up help farmers meet their Red Tractor dairy standards when it comes to medicines:

  • ✔ Medicines training
  • ✔ Individual competency certificates
  • ✔ Annual review of bulk tank fails
  • ✔ Annual medicine cupboard “health check”
  • ✔ Annual risk assessment to ensure best practice
  • ✔ Veterinary certification


Several companies have personnel who are MilkSure Champions, after having arranged training directly. If you would like your team to receive training for better knowledge of medicine stewardship on dairy farms, please contact BCVA directly.

The MilkSure office at BCVA is here to help you. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or to discuss your own specific requirements and plans.

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