MilkSure Privacy Policy

At MilkSure, administered by BCVA since 1st November 2020, and by Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd until 31st October 2020, we care about ensuring that your personal data remains safe and secure. Our Privacy Policy details what information we collected prior to November 2020, and how and why we did it, as well as the information we collect since November 2020.

Information from website browsers:

If you are just browsing the website, we collect the same basic information that most websites collect. We use common internet technologies such as cookies and web server logs. This is stuff we collect from everybody whether they have a MilkSure account or not. The information we collect from all visitors to our website includes visitor’s browser type, country and region, and date and time of each visit. We also collect potentially personally identifying information such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Why we collect this information:

We collect this information to better understand how our website visitors use the site and to monitor and protect the security of the website. We do not authorise other companies to analyse website traffic information other than for own own purposes. We do not sell or give any website traffic information to any third parties. We have never stored debit or credit card details nor have we ever shared financial details with any 3rd parties.

Information from users with accounts (prior to November 2020):

If you are a farm and had created an account by registering with MilkSure in the past, we required some basic information at the time of account creation (User Personal Information). We will have asked you for a valid email address, and we will have asked for the name, email address and vet practice address of your designated vet. We will also have asked for basic contact details for you so we could have identified your farm. We collected the name of your milk buyer. You will have had a username created for you and a password, which you may have changed to one of your own choice. We only collected the data that you submitted to us either through the online forms or via email – for example your name and whichever contact details you preferred to share (email/telephone number). All information was held in a secure database at MilkSure which was backed up regularly on a secure external server. The information was not shared with any third parties without your express permission, though we would have contacted your vet (an essential element of MilkSure training) and informed milk buyers when farms became MilkSure accredited. We never stored debit or credit card details should you have paid for your registration online, nor did we share financial details with any 3rd parties. 

Why we collected this information:

We needed your User Personal Information to create your account. We used your contact details to let you know what your username and password was, and how to use the MilkSure website and complete the online test. We may have used the contact details to respond to any enquiries that you might have raised. We used the contact details for your designated vet to send the MilkSure materials by post. We shared your MilkSure account details with your vet who required these details to help you complete the course. We may have informed milk buyers of farms which had registered for an account, passed the online test or became MilkSure accredited. We did this if milk buyers requested the information, for example, if MilkSure accreditation is a specific requirement for the milk buyer. We do not share any further information and do not share any of your User Personal Information with other third parties, including with milk buyers other than your own. We kept a list of MilkSure accredited farms (until 31st October 2020), which included name of farm, postcode, milk buyer and date of accreditation. Prior to 1st November 2020, we informed Dairy Pro if individuals wished to collect their Dairy Pro points; this was voluntary and you told us this information when you came to do the online test. We did not inform Dairy Pro of the details of anyone other than those who chose this option. We will not contact you for any matters which are not specifically to do with your MilkSure registration or sell or otherwise provide information to third parties or for marketing purposes. We will not send you promotional material (e.g. newsletters).

For MilkSure Registered Vets (since November 2020):

For Vets who are MilkSure Registered Vets: since November 2020, BCVA keeps a register of your name and practice (if applicable). The date when you completed your MilkSure-for-Vets training is also included. Your details are protected under BCVA’s privacy policy.

For Farmers taking a MilkSure online test (since November 2020):

Farmers or other individuals can take an online test as part of the MilkSure Programme, in order to gain a personal Certificate of Achievement. This is done using Classmarker software. You may enter your First Name and Last Name in order that your name appears on the certificate. You may enter your email address in order that the certificate is automatically emailed to you if you choose. No further personal details are collected. This minimal information is available for us to access for a period of 12 months hosted on an external server which is part of our Classmarker subscription. It is not available to any third parties, including Classmarker, and it is not used for any further purpose or shared at a later date with any other individual or organisation.

Of course, if at any point you wish to view, amend or delete any information we hold about you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email and we can sort it out.

This privacy policy is reviewed annually and was last reviewed on 30th October 2020.