We have been delivering MilkSure training to our clients for years, although none of us have attended the MilkSure for Vets training. What do we need to do?

At least one vet from the practice needs to attend an online MilkSure for Vets training course to be added to the MilkSure Register. Without this you will not be able to access the materials or deliver training to any clients wishing to register. Visit https://www.bcva.org.uk/cpd to check for Milksure for Vets Course dates.

We have one MilkSure Registered Vet in the practice who delivers the Part 1 training, whilst the rest of us who deliver Part 2 training have never been on the course. Can we carry on as normal?

No. Since January 2022, both Part 1 and Part 2 of MilkSure can only be delivered by a MilkSure Registered Vet. Vets can become a MilkSure Registered Vet by joining one of the regular BCVA MilkSure-for-vets training courses. Most vets who do any amount of dairy work in practice have now undertaken this training. Vets have found the training very helpful to inform their day-to-day prescribing, as well as improving their ability to deliver MilkSure to their clients properly.

I have a client wanting to register for MilkSure training; what should I do?

As long as you are MilkSure Registered Vet, you can arrange the training at your mutual convenience. If you are not yet a MilkSure Registered Vet, please contact BCVA to arrange your training.

How do I find out whether I am on the MilkSure Register? What is my MilkSure login?

All MilkSure Registered Vets can be found on the MilkSure Register on the MilkSure website. Login details and further instructions have been sent to you via BCVA. Any queries, please contact the BCVA Office on office@cattlevet.co.uk