MilkSure Accredited Farms

If you spot an error which needs correcting or would like to have your details removed, please get in touch with us via the contact form. Arla producers who are MilkSure accredited are excluded from this map. Arla farmers who wish to know their status will need to contact their Arla agricultural manager.

MilkSure Accredited Farms – Blue Ticks

These farms have fully completed the MilkSure course and risk assessment. At least one person from the farm has passed the online test in responsible use of veterinary medicines. The farm has a signed Certificate of Participation from their vet which assures that:

  • The MilkSure training course and workbook has been completed
  • A management plan to avoid medicine residues in milk has been agreed with the vet
  • There is a named individual who takes responsibility for ensuring milk produced and sold for human consumption meets consumers’ expectations for quality and safety and in particular is free of medicine residues above legally permitted levels

MilkSure Champions – Gold Stars

These individuals have completed a day-training workshop on avoiding medicine residues in milk and responsible use of veterinary medicines in the dairy supply chain. Many are vets who have completed the “BCVA MilkSure for Vets” training course. The list includes other professionals working in the dairy industry, for example milk processor technical and quality control officers.

Vets do not have to be MilkSure Champions to deliver MilkSure training to their farmers. Those that are included on this list have chosen to increase their knowledge in this important area for the benefit of themselves and their farmer clients.