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MilkSure improves the professionalism around medicine use on dairy farms and drives higher standards. This is to safeguard human health and to demonstrate a responsible approach to help reduce antibiotic resistance. These are important to promote the image of dairy farming and to protect consumers’ confidence in dairy products.

To become MilkSure accredited, you must undertake training with a MilkSure Registered Vet

From 1st November 2020, it is no longer necessary to register your farm individually for MilkSure, like it was previously. You can undertake training with a MilkSure Registered Vet, who will then help you take an online test. You must also complete your farm’s risk assessment, and this should be with your own usual vet. A booklet is used for the training and to record the farm’s risk assessment and management plan.

There is a map showing all MilkSure Registered Vets here.  

The training, risk assessment and test takes around 3 hours in all, usually completed over two sessions.

Please note:

  1. MilkSure accreditation is on a per farm basis. The training can be done for multiple workers.
  2. A farm becomes accredited once the online test has been passed and the MilkSure Registered Vet has certified that the training has been delivered, and a farm risk assessment completed and a management plan agreed.
  3. Whilst the training must be delivered by a MilkSure Registered Vet, presently (until January 2022), the farm risk assessment and management plan can be completed by another vet within the same practice, under the guidance of the MilkSure Registered Vet.
  4. Accreditation is valid for one year from the date of award.

MilkSure and annual MilkSure Top Up help farmers meet their Red Tractor dairy standards when it comes to medicines:

  • ✔ Medicines training
  • ✔ Individual competency certificates
  • ✔ Annual review of bulk tank fails
  • ✔ Annual medicine cupboard “health check”
  • ✔ Annual risk assessment to ensure best practice
  • ✔ Veterinary certification


MilkSure Top Up

Once a farm is accredited, MilkSure can be topped up annually. The previous management plan is reviewed and the farm’s vet completes a new risk assessment. An annual Top Up medicines competency evaluation assures medicines are used safely and the correct withdrawal times are applied.

New key members of staff (e.g. a new herdsperson joining the farm) should take the original training module with the MilkSure Registered Vet and take the initial online test too. The MilkSure theory training module should be repeated in any case at least once every 4 years, to refresh knowledge and to remain up to date.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions page. Click here for Questions and Answers about Top Up.

If you have any queries please contact your Vet in the first instant.

98% of farmers who completed MilkSure accreditation found it useful for their businesses.

93% intended to make some changes as a result.

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